View Full Version : My first (very dusty) 4 x 5 image

CR Roberts
24-Oct-2006, 23:13
My new Bender is assembled with an eBay-snatched Schneider 180mm Convertible Symmar attached and I've taken the outfit into the backyard to capture the soul and character of my wife's ancient garden gnome.

The shoot was uneventful, but the film processing was not. In my excitement, I metered the scene for ASA 100 but was using Ilford HP5+ film (400). Ooops. I attempted to compensate somewhat in developing, but the negative was less than optimal (luckily it was monochrome). No matter -- I dropped it from my Yankee daylight tank straight onto the basement floor anyway and spotting it would take as much time as building a new camera. At any rate, here's the result of my first large format shoot:


I must admit that the Bender is great fun and I'll enjoy playing with it for awhile - but I'm already getting restless for a "real" camera. Fortunately, my starter lens is just fine and should make the upgrade transition well. A Shen Hao in a few months, perhaps?

I'll shoot some more interesting subjects with the proper exposure on Delta 100 this weekend and let you see the results.

All the best,

Craig Roberts
Washington, Dc

Eric Biggerstaff
25-Oct-2006, 09:47
Ahhhh..............been there and done that!

Nice job on the first picture, keep at it and keep having fun!


25-Oct-2006, 09:57
Craig that is not so bad especially considering the process you went through to the end. Keep at LF as you show tremendous promise! Keep us posted as some of us love to look.

Kind Regards,