View Full Version : Meyer Görlitz Wide Angle Aristostigmat 8cm f/6.3 ... ?

Matus Kalisky
23-Oct-2006, 07:05

I would like to ask for your opinions about the mentioned lens - does it cover 4x5?
Is there anybody with personal experience with any aristostigmat lens?



Dan Fromm
23-Oct-2006, 08:42
The VM says 3.125" for 4.75" x 3.75". So not quite. But it also says 105 degrees, in which case the lens should cover 4x5.



Ole Tjugen
23-Oct-2006, 08:59
I don't own that particular one, but I do have a 12cm f:6.3 - and a 12cm/9 and a 16cm/9. In my opinion the 12cm f:6.3 one does not even cover 5x7", so I wouldn't expect anything shorter than 10cm to cover 4x5". The coverage of the f:9 version is somewhat better.

The sharpness is very good, but contrast slightly low - as might be expected from four separate uncoated lens elements.

Sven Schroder
23-Oct-2006, 11:59

I own one its more or less straight on coverage on 5x4, infact the built in rise of my gandolfi of about 1cm is enough to show dark corners when wide open, the 4.75" x 3.75" coverage is wide open (see the ad on the info section of cameraeccentric's site) stopped down its cover is just enough. I mainly use it with 6x12 and wouldn't choose it for 5x4 , but maybe a hobo style camera would suit it i.e no movements.
If you're looking at the one on ebay with BIN price I'd say its a little high but thats just my view.

Matus Kalisky
24-Oct-2006, 00:21
- all -

thanks for the info.
... yes, I meant the one on eBay - I also found it a bit too high, but it made me thinking.


Richard Ĺrlin
26-Nov-2006, 04:35
Bidding on one, should I contact the seller who claims "ideal for all 4 x 5 large format cameras" ?

cheers, Richard

Ole Tjugen
26-Nov-2006, 06:09
That depends on how much you're bidding... :)

I couldn't find it on ebay, except for one offered by camera$ whose start prices are invariably at least three times what I would be willing to pay.

Dan Fromm
26-Nov-2006, 07:06
I dunno, Ole, his opening bid is only $195 and the thing is in shutter. 80/6.3 WF Ektars, really useful little lenses for 2x3 but not 4x5, have gone nearly that high.

Richard Ĺrlin
19-Dec-2006, 10:36
By the way, there are two different versions, f/6,3 and 8 or 9 I believe. What difference exept easier focussing ? Has one more coverage than the other like the versions of Dagor ?

Ole Tjugen
19-Dec-2006, 10:50
See my answer a bit further up... http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showpost.php?p=189656&postcount=3

Arne Croell
19-Dec-2006, 13:03
I have a German Meyer catalog from 1935. The Weitwinkel Aristostigmat f/6.3 is stated as having 105° coverage, and the 8cm lens as covering 9x12cm (a little less than 4x5", but essentially the same). I assume that is stopped down. Note that there is also an Aristostigmat in that catalog (both f/6.3 and f/4.5) without the Weitwinkel (wide angle) designation and they clearly have smaller angles.