View Full Version : Shutter Calibration

Kevin Kemner
14-Apr-2000, 11:51
I have a couple older lenses that have shutters that are consistent but with off speeds. Would someone please recommend where I can send these to have the spee ds of the shutter accurately timed? That would be a big help.



14-Apr-2000, 17:51
Check with S.K.Grimes - he's a legend. His website is http://www.skgrimes.com/ worth shipping whatever problems you have to him.

14-Apr-2000, 20:12
Do it yourself. If you are not into electronics you can buy a shutter speed tester from Calumet for ~$80.00 (others sell them also), with some electronics knowledge you could build one for ~$30.00. I chose to buy mine (my time is worth more than the $50.00 difference). I now can test all my shutters for no additional investment (except time, sigh!). I have charted all of my lenses (6) in about a 2 hour period - and I'll be able to test them anytime in the future, as well as any new lenses I aquire. The tester will test from 10 seconds to 1/10,000, very little skill is required for use. I suggest taking a minimum of 5 readings at each speed in order to confirm proper use, and to check for shutter consistancy.

Dave Brown
14-Apr-2000, 22:36
Steve Grimes.