View Full Version : Graflex Photography

David Richhart
14-Feb-2000, 13:17
I have been wondering for quite some time... Do all photographers have to bear t he burden of the "Jimmie Olson" jokes while using their Graflex cameras, or is i t just me??? Any input would be helpful.

Brian Yarvin
14-Feb-2000, 13:26

And every time a there's a hot new film wtih Graflexes in it, like "The Hurricane" it will start all over again.

Of course, there are things you can do with a Graflex that can't be done with any other camera I can afford! and besides, I love the jokes.


Alec Jones
15-Feb-2000, 22:20
Just remember, when they want to show a "real" camera, they bring out the Graflex, with the large flash unit. That's what the public associates with "professional". Anybody can use one of those rinky- dinky little 35s. <g>

16-Feb-2000, 02:54
I sat mine on a tripod in Gas Works Park in Seattle, and a stranger came up and asked me how much I charged for my photos. There does seem to be something about these cameras they associate with professionals.