View Full Version : Starting point for Xtol and new TXP

Dave White
21-Oct-2006, 22:32
I am in process of getting back into LF (kids are older) and attended the photo conference in Rockford IL. It seemed that the concensus there was that HC110 is not the developer of choice for this new film. I would like to know a starting point for Xtol and the new tri-x. I have always used HC110 for the old Tri-x. Can anyone help?

Andrew O'Neill
21-Oct-2006, 23:10
Have you tried the massive development chart at digitaltruth.com?

Sheldon N
21-Oct-2006, 23:11
I process TXP 320 in Xtol using rotary tubes. I expose at 320, develop for 7:00 - 7:30 at 68 degrees in Xtol 1:1. I think the recommended time is 7:45 but I prefer a slightly flatter/thinner negative.

Ben Calwell
22-Oct-2006, 07:43
Why is HC110 not the developer of choice for TXP?

22-Oct-2006, 17:21
Conventional wisdom is that Kodak messed up when it published the development times for Tri-X after it was reformulated about four years ago. The development times Kodak published are too short, according to many folks. They say that the new stuff develops at times very close to the times they were using with the old stuff. You might try HC-110 the way you used ti before if you liked it.

William D. Lester
26-Oct-2006, 06:39
I use 8 minutes @ 68 deg using Xtol 1:1. I rate the film at 160 / 200.