View Full Version : Canham 11x14 Review (French)

Ron Marshall
21-Oct-2006, 05:56
To whom it may interest, a review of the Canham 11x14. (In French)


21-Oct-2006, 10:16
All I can say is that the better be damn expensive wine. Still.. it's nice to know that the 11x14 is good to double as a table in a pinch....Ah France....

Jorge Gasteazoro
21-Oct-2006, 10:29
Looks like he has a small light leak on his holders. I dont know that I would have used 4 11x14 sheets of film to test the camera, must be nice to be rich.. :)

Don Hutton
23-Oct-2006, 14:56
He needs to blacken the flap light paths on those holders.

25-Oct-2006, 10:47
Outside of some weight-envy, I like mine better. And now that I've got a ground glass protector, maybe I can use it as an end-table as well.... :rolleyes: