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21-Oct-2006, 05:44
hi! I'm quite new to LF. I bought a Toyo field 4x5 and a Sinar F 4x5. Now I've found an apo ronar 780, but can't find any information about its image circle, history, price, etc.
Can anybody help?

Jack Flesher
21-Oct-2006, 07:25
You'll need three 12" rails and two, maybe three bellows all connected together to use it on your Sinar. Forgetaboutit on the Toyo Field...

22-Oct-2006, 04:26
thank you Jack. It really seems I still have to get accustomed to this new format.

John Berry
23-Oct-2006, 00:42
Don't worry about it guigon. The path is long and can sometimes get quite twisty. You've only entered the gate to the garden, and a grand garden it is. May I add to Jacks list of the things that you will need, a shutter BIG enough.

Emmanuel BIGLER
23-Oct-2006, 02:03
Hello from Europe.

Usually 4-element apo-ronars are listed for a field angle of 48°.

There has been a limited production of 6-element apo-ronars in large focal lengths (800mm) ; probably they cover more than 48°.
This spec of 48° for 4-element apo-ronars looks conservative as seen form a photographer's point of view, the apo-ronar was intended as a copy/repro lens of high performance, so Rodenstock restricted the angular range yiedling top-class results to something narrower that actually useable.
So you can roughly consider that the image circle of a 4-element apo ronar has a diameter equal to its focal length (this would be 53°). So a 780 apo ronar can cover 780mm in diameter.

On this picure taken during the recent 2-nd French Large Format Conference (October 2006 in Fontfroide Abbey) you can see a 750mm apo Germinar, the East-German (Thuringen) cousin of the Apo Ronar, brought to the conference for our pleasure by Mr. and Mrs Krusche from Germany.
The picture was taken by one of the participants to the conference, Pascal Moraitz.

The 750 apo germinar is mounted in front of a huge Compur 5FS, a #5 electrically-driven shutter that used to be manufactured in the sixties and seventies. The camera is a 18x24cm / 8"x10" Plaubel nonorail.

With the the Sinar/Copal "DB" behind-the-lens shutter, you can also accommodate a 780 apo ronar mounted in front.
Mr Krusche presented us results obtained with his collection of apo germinars. For those who could have doubts about the actual performance of repro lenses uased at infinity, I can testifiy that the result will satisfay all photographers. Simply put, the sharpness of the apo germinar is amazing. So if your apo ronar is in good condition, you should expect nothing but outstanding resuts as well !

Mark Sampson
23-Oct-2006, 07:02
As you must have realized by now, a 780mm lens is *extremely* long on 4x5. A 180mm lens would be "normal" focal length for 4x5, but anything between 150mm-210mm usualy qualifies as normal, and will work quite comfortably on either of your cameras.

25-Oct-2006, 08:45
I'm new, but I see there's lots of friends out there. Thanks everybody.