View Full Version : Wooden Film Holder care

C. D. Keth
20-Oct-2006, 14:46
I just got a few wooden 5x7 holders in the post. Is there anything I should know about caring for them so they last me a good long time? Should I treat them with anything from time to time?

John Kasaian
20-Oct-2006, 16:55
A wee bit of Pledge or other wax on the sides of the dark slides will keep things running smoothly. I'd say the biggest issue is don't store them at odd angles or under a wieght that would cause warpage. I give mine a good vacume with a shop vac between use to eliminate dust---a micro attachment does a good job of keeping dust out of the velvets even though the attachments won't fit inside the light trap. Thats really all I do for maintenance on my woodies (holders).

If they are the kind that have light traps that unscrew----don't---- unless you have too(like the velvets are shot or something.)

Glenn Thoreson
23-Oct-2006, 15:43
If they are light tight, you're good to go. The most common issue on things this old are the hinge tapes. Very simple fix if needed. Gaffer's tape or someone does carry a dedicated hinge tape. I just can't remember who it is. As mentioned, clean them well and keep them clean. A bit of furniture polish won't hurt. Keep them sealed in plastic bags when not in use, to keep dust out. In good condition, they should last another 50 years.

Jim Noel
26-Oct-2006, 08:32
bookbinding tape from a library supplier is ideal for replacing hinge tape. It is very near the same thickness as the original and has a good adhesive.

Ole Tjugen
26-Oct-2006, 10:06
I've got some big old ones (24x30cm plates) that had light leaks right in the middle of the (wooden) dark slide. I caulked them with black silicone, same stuff I use for caulking the deck on my boat. Works just great!