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Steven Nestler
20-Oct-2006, 09:26
I just purchased a used Sinar f2, and would love to obtain a manual; specifically, the pages dealing with Sinar's focusing system. Can anyone out there scan those and email them? I'd be most grateful.

Edwin Lachica
20-Oct-2006, 12:56
Request one from your local sinar dealer. They usually send it for free.

Jerry Flynn
20-Oct-2006, 13:59
They used to post the istructions on the Sinar Bron ans Swiss Sinar web ages. It seems that only the depth of field instructions remain on the Swiss pages. (Google "Sinar) and go to the Sinar.ch link. Click on "infos" and then "Knowhow and you should get there.)

The swing/tilt calculation is as follows: focus your far plane on the bottom dotted line. Set the calculator dial (the drum on the left-hand side) to zero. Focus the near plane on the upper dotted line. Read off the number of degrees on the calculator dail and tile the stanard the indicated number of degree in the + or - direction as indicated on the dial and the angle scales. Refocus. Use the same procedure for swings using the verticle dotted lines. Sinar says set the tilt first, swing second.

Steve H
20-Oct-2006, 15:05
Here, this should help you out:

Enjoy it, I love mine !

Steven Nestler
20-Oct-2006, 16:40
Thanks, all. I appreciate it.

25-Oct-2006, 07:51
hope the attatched photo will help.
1.Focus on the furthest point with the fine focus knob.
2.Set the depth of field scale to 0.
3.Focus on the nearest point with the fine focus knob, then read off the necessary working aperture and...

... set it to the shutter (or to the lens).

4.Focus back by 2 f-stops values on the scale.


Yuriy "D"
26-Oct-2006, 12:21
They also explain the focusing, swing, and tilt 'calculators' in the SinarBron catalog so you can just request one of those from SinarBron.