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Ted Harris
20-Oct-2006, 08:48
For those who are not on the mailing list Hunt Photo just sent out the following. I checked the stock of Velvia 50 and they have 40 boxes left as of 9:30 this am. My only affiliation with Hunt's andthis promo is that I just bought 5 boxes of Velvia:

Contact: Chris Borto, Tel#800-924-8682 ext. 2374 or Gary Farber Tel#800-221-1830 ext. 2332,
Email: ebay@wbhunt.com or DigitalGuyGary@wbhunt.com

I am contacting you on behalf of Gary Farber.
Gary gave me your email address and said that you might be interested in getting offers about large format film.
If you are not interested please reply to this email with subject line "remove".

We have reserved limited quantity of large format film for this email blast at very low prices for one week only. After that it will be open to everybody at higher prices. Please place your orders as soon as possible. Below is the list of what we have, prices are better that in any other store or online, ebay included.

All film orders, an exact shipping charge is being offered.

20 SHEETS VELVIA 50 RVP 4x5 QUICK LOAD: 02/2007 - 39.99

50 SHEETS FUJI VELVIA 50 RVP 4x5 COLOR SLIDE FILM : 11/2006 - 39.95

10 SHEETS FUJI VELVIA 50 RVP 4x5 COLOR SLIDE FILM : 01/2007 - 7.99

10 SHEETS FUJI VELVIA 100F 8X10 COLOR SLIDE FILM : 01/2007 - 24.99

50 SHEETS FUJICHROME VELVIA 100 (NOT 100F) 4X5 SHEET FILM: 11/2006 - 44.99

10 PRINTS FUJI BLACK AND WHITE FP-100B 8.5x10.8cm FILM: 02/2007 - 3.99

Also, few great deals on 35mm and medium format film:

20 ROLLS FUJI VELVIA 100F 36exp DATE: 02/2007 - unbelievable 39.95

5 ROLLS FUJI VELVIA 100F 220 FORMAT DATE: 10/2006 - 14.95

20 ROLLS FUJIFILM PRO160S 120 FORMAT FILM 12/2006 - 19.95

5 ROLLS FUJI ASTIA 100F 120 FORMAT DATE: 03/2006 - 8.99

If you have any special requests for short or outdated film please email us with your phone number and we will notify you when it is available.

Also please visit our ebay store section dedicated to Large Format Film. Over 100 listings and more coming shortly.


WE CAN HANDLE ANY OF YOUR FILM NEEDS! No matter how big or small. CALL - 781.462.2374

Thank you

Chris - Hunt's Ebay Sales and Store
100 Main Street
Melrose, MA 02176

TEL: 800.924.8682 x.2374
TEL: 781.462.2374
FAX: 781 665 4478

Amund BLix Aaeng
20-Oct-2006, 12:25
Thanks Ted. I`ve been looking for some reasonably priced 8x10 color film, and $24.99 for a 10-sheet box of Velvia is a steal! Yeah, it`s the not-so-popular 100F, but still...

20-Oct-2006, 12:28
This is the same 100F I posted on a few days back in 8x10. Up $5 over what I paid for 20 boxes per box, but perhaps there's some room for discount on multiple boxes. They got in 70 boxes of this 8x10 Velvia 100F so should be lots left.


20-Oct-2006, 21:58
Hi Stew, Ted,

Thanks for the heads-up on this...

I ordered 3 boxes of 8x10 Velvia 100F for US$25 per box plus $15 shipping after Stew posted his initial note.

No Provia or Astia though...

Thanks guys! :)