View Full Version : Experience with Xtol 1:2 and with Deep Tanks?

Jim Worthington
14-Feb-2000, 10:45
Hello All, I'm getting ready to process (Tri-X at 320) using some deep tanks I purchased a while ago. I liked Xtol when I used it 1:1 in trays, but these tanks hold 15 li tres of liquid. I was hoping to mix a 5 litre batch of Xtol and dilute it 1:2. However, I've heard some griping about dilluted Xtol. If anybody has any exper ience with this combination or with any other films and Xtol at 1:2, I'd appreci ate hearing from you. Also, does the emulsion face the holes in the hangers or the other way around? None of my references answer that basic question. Thanks Jim Worthington

Robert A. Zeichner
14-Feb-2000, 21:33
I use X-tol 1:2 all the time and have not experienced any problems. My film of choice is TMY so I can't speak for Tri-X. I do all my processing in trays as well. I used to suspend film in stainless hangers and do the hard rubber tank number, but I had too many problems with streaks caused by excessive agitation around the holes in those stainless frames. Since I went over to slosh trays, I've had no such difficulties and save a lot of chemistry to boot!

Mark DeMulder
18-Feb-2000, 11:54
I regularly use XTOL diluted 1:3 for Tri-X and have found it to be very satisfactory. I use trays, though rather than tanks. I too had experienced some streaking problems with tanks in the past. Trays are easy, but I admit I don't try to handle more than 8 pieces of film at a time. I'd be interested to hear how your tank experience goes.

Mark DeMulder