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Donald Brewster
13-Feb-2000, 02:35
I have an old Linhof 4x5 with RF focus that I'm learning to use, but one small i tem confuses me. Lens Boards says "standard press" and has serial number 41xxx. Based on serial number and characteristics it appears to be a Technika Type 2 or 3 (has square box like 2, but the bed drops like 3). Has three lenses with m atching cam numbers and all cams are matched to camera serial number. Have seen Standard Press mentioned (I've looked through various sites) or listed by a cou ple dealers (priced less it seems than a Technika), but never discussed in any d etail. Anyone able to educate me here? If a different model, what are distinct ions between the Standard Press and the Technika III? Thanks.

Tony Brent
13-Feb-2000, 05:19
I have a Super Teknika 3 lens outfit (90mm Angulon, 135mm Xenar, 240mm Tele-Xenar) which I inherited from my great aunt. According to the Linhof Guide owners manual which has a copyright date of 1952, the Standard Press model "is the most basic model ... It is intended for the press photographer and has been 'stripped for action' by eliminating everything which is not essential for this field." As far as I can determine, the Standard Press does not have the tilt/swing back, and has only double extension bellows instead of triple extension for the Super. The lens carriage looks like it only has the rise function, no swing or shift. I can't tell if the lens carriage tilts back for using wide angle lenses with a dropped bed in the Press model. I also can't determine if the back revolves on the Press.

The base of the lens carriage on the Press is a solid casting without a pull-out handle ring like the Super has. It has a rangefinder.

As far as I can tell from the small pictures in the manual, the main difference is that the Press does not have the four locking knobs for the back tilt, and it has only double extension bellows.

If you would like me to send you pictures of my outfit attached to e-mail, or paper prints to your postal address, please advise by e-mail.

Bob Salomon
13-Feb-2000, 06:41
The Standrd Press was a limited production camera made for the U.S. market that like the Speed Graphic had no back movements. Hence the name "Press".

It's purpose was to compete for press photographers in the US. It failed to do that so it was discontinued after a very short production life.

In my 22 years as the Linhof Product/Sales manager in the US I have met an owner once. But I do have photos of it.

Donald Brewster
13-Feb-2000, 11:30
Thanks for the learned and quick replies. I think Tony's description nailed it prefectly. Back does revolve. It looks like Bob has just met a second owner of a Standard Press. A fun and simple 4x5 RF camera for a not too technical camera guy. Would any of you hazard a guess that contemporaneous Technika III items/accessories would be interchangeable (don't have to deal with lens/cam issue) for the most part? Have Technika Universal Finder attachment that seems to work real well. Most intersted in whether an anatomical grip would work.

15-Feb-2000, 13:16
i think the answer is 120

1-Apr-2002, 15:40

13-Oct-2008, 13:28
i might be buying this camera, http://rickimichael.blogspot.com

does anyone know anything about this model?

this would be my first large format camera

cheers :)

Peter K
13-Oct-2008, 13:35
It's, as written on the lens board, a Standard Press. As Bob mentioned before, this camera has other as the Technika III from the same time, no back movements. But the ground-glass-holder can be turned. And you can use double-film-holders and RF-backs like Super-Rollex.

13-Oct-2008, 13:42
so i take it it would be a good camera to get into large format photography. how limited do i become with no back movements then?

i'm not sure to buy for £250 or use the money to put towards a second hand teknika at https://secure.ffordes.com/index.htm - you get some good second hand stuff there, the one i'm looking at is £500

cheers :)

Peter K
13-Oct-2008, 14:02
The cameras for £449 are 2 1/4 x 3 1/4" cameras and not 4x5". With this cameras you can only use RF, sheet films are very rare in this format. The Standard has compared with the Technika limited movements. Not only the back, but the lens standard can only rised and not tilted. The lens is a Press-Xenar 1:4.7/127mm (5") and can be exchanged with any lens mounted on a T III lensboard. With this limitations it's a nice camera. If the bellows is light-tight.

13-Oct-2008, 15:57
thanks peter i appreciate your knowledge, i got to get clued up on this before the someone else buys the standard press and i miss out. i missed out on a wista on ebay yesterday, it went for 700. i would've paid more but time ran out.

i've only just joined the forum so i cant see the for sale and wanted forum yet cus i gotta be a member for thirty days, which is fair enough. but is there regularly cameras for sale there, within my 600 price range?


Peter K
14-Oct-2008, 00:59
Ricki, why not buy a relative cheap camera like the Standard and take pictures to see how LF works. And if you see the camera limits you, you can sell the camera and look for an other one. But be careful, you will also need a tripod, tripod head, film holders, developing tank, light-meter etc. etc.

For a nice and cheap camera you will need time and luck.


Peter K