View Full Version : Size of Sinar Hex Rod

Frank Petronio
17-Oct-2006, 13:47
Has anyone found a less expensive source for the hex rod used by the bellows clips on the Sinar F- to P3-era cameras? Or what the exact size to order would be? It seems ridiculous to pay $40+ for a 6-inch hunk of metal rod.... plus it would be great to order a couple feet and just lop off the right length for each lens set-up.

Thanks, FP

Neal Shields
17-Oct-2006, 13:55
A yellow #2 pencil works perfectly but it ruins the ambience.

Greg Lockrey
17-Oct-2006, 13:56
You can try and get a piece from a screw machine shop. It's just hex bar stock. I would imagine that they would have some metric laying around.

Frank Petronio
17-Oct-2006, 14:30
Right, but my measuring skills are lacking... wondering if it is 4-5-6mm hex bar or ?

But thanks, the pencil will do for now!

Jim Noel
17-Oct-2006, 14:54
Paint the pencil black and only you will know.

David A. Goldfarb
17-Oct-2006, 16:20
Seems like 8mm to me.

Mark Sampson
18-Oct-2006, 05:33
I just had the maintenance shop where I work give me some 1/4" hex bar stock to stabilize our Sinar. It works perfectly- no need to search out a metric size, although 6mm would work too.

Struan Gray
18-Oct-2006, 13:15
7 mm across the flats. Roughly 8 mm from point to point. Quarter inch should work fine.