View Full Version : Which 420mm Barrel to fit 4in board?

G Benaim
17-Oct-2006, 13:33
Hi all,

I'm looking for a 420mm to use on my Gowland, and wanted to know which of the readily available process lenses, ronar, artar and nikkor will fit on a small 4inch board. Also, if anyone has experience using a Gowland at full extension, let me know how you've fared.

Hugo Zhang
18-Oct-2006, 10:45
Goerz RD Artar 16 1/2".

Struan Gray
18-Oct-2006, 13:07
I managed to squeeze an 18" Apo-Lustrar onto a Technika lensboard by tapping the holes through the board itself and then filing the rear of the bolts holding the flange on so that they matched the profile of the light trap. The older 480 mm barrel Apo-Ronars supposedly have the same flange thread so the same trick should work for them and the less common 420s. I have a 420 Apo-Ronar but in a Copal 3 which fits quite easily.

18-Oct-2006, 18:34
I second Hugo's recommendation. My 16 1/2" RD Artar is in an Ilex #4 shutter and is mounted on a Technika board. The barrel version should take even less room.