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Brent McSharry
17-Oct-2006, 00:38
overall this is a great site and great forum. This gripe is minor in the scheme of the positive things this sight has going for it.

New threads and posts seem to be placed in time order, according to the clock on the computer posting the message. Taking into account the different time zones around the world and also the fact some people may not have their clock set accurately, some threads may be a little disjointed, or replies look out of order, confusing the reader.

I would suggest orderering new threads and also replies by the time and date they are recieved by the server.

just my 0.02

thanks for keeping this excellent resource running BTW.

Tom Westbrook
17-Oct-2006, 03:25
That's only possible using the search facility. Try this URL (store it as a bookmark if you want to reuse it): <home>/forum/search.php?&do=getdaily&sortby=threadstart (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/search.php?&do=getdaily&sortby=threadstart)

Tom Westbrook
17-Oct-2006, 03:27
I forgot: there is also a link for this in Quick Links in the upper menu.

Brent McSharry
20-Oct-2006, 00:31
thanks for the info.