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Dan Deery
16-Oct-2006, 17:03
Hi everyone:

Just joined your wonderful forum. I want to get back into 4x5 format photography. My question is this: Is Polapan 665 film still in production. If so, does anyone know where it might be available in the Phoenix, AZ area?

Thanks for any info you may have.


17-Oct-2006, 13:42
665 has been discontinued.
Type 55 Polaroid is still available.


Dan Deery
17-Oct-2006, 17:05
Thanks Sidney:

Guess I'll have to try Fuji film. I love Polaroid Type 55 but at $3.00/sheet.....wow!


william linne
19-Oct-2006, 13:28
Where can you buy Type 55 for 3 bucks a sheet? It's 4 bucks a sheet every where I look! FWIW, Polaroid still has a bunch of type 665 in their warehouse and it's readily available from retailers.

Donald Qualls
19-Oct-2006, 13:57
Also worth noting, Fuji doesn't produce a pos/neg instant film, AFAIK. They make a B&W 3000, similar to 57/667, B&W 100 similar to 54/664, and color 100 similar to 59/669. AFAIK, all three are available in 4x5 packets (545 compatible) and 3x4 packs (405 compatible); at least two (the BW3000 and C100) are also available in a 550 compatible 4x5 10-print pack version.

Kirk Gittings
19-Oct-2006, 16:16
B&W 100 similar to 54/664 B&W 100 is a very very poor cousin to type 54/664. It is very contrasty and higher ASA. IE most people use these polaroids as proofing films for transparecies, but the Fuji film is so bad it is virtually unusable for proofing. I saw some good examples at a trade show and ordered a case only to return it all.

Dan Deery
26-Oct-2006, 11:49
Thanks all for your input:

Kirk: I was going to try Fuji instant film. But if it is as bad as you say, maybe I'll just stick with digital. I love to shoot 4x5 b/w sheet film but do not like to process the negs. Sure wish they would come up with a digital back that I could afford.