View Full Version : Quick Loads for a Graflex 4X5

Jamie R. Miller
13-Feb-2000, 22:10
I just picked up an old Graflex 4X5 from a local used camera shop. I have put ab out 10 frames through it and it works very well. My question is...will the kodak Ready load or Fuji Quick Load system's work on this camera? And which one of th ese systems works best? I here the Kodaks have the advantage of using both Fuji and Kodak loads...yet they seem to have problems now and then. Any advice you ca n give would be very helpful...Thank You!!

Erik Ryberg
14-Feb-2000, 01:54

Both quickload and readyload holders will work. Some have problems with the readyload holder, though I haven't. Readyloads take both fuji & kodak; quickloads only take fuji. The disadvantage is cost and the fact that many good b& w emulsions and I think no color negative films (may be wrong on that) are available for readyload. Tri-X is a very nice film for the Graphic (do you have the Graphic or the single-lens reflex?) because it's fast so you can take hand-held pictures. But it doesn't come in Readyload. Good luck.

Tony Brent
15-Feb-2000, 01:14
If your camera has the Graflok back, be on the lookout for Grafmatic magazines, which hold 6 sheets of film in one case a little thicker than a standard holder. There is a full description at www.graflex.org I find that I have less dust problems with these than with regular holders.