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14-Oct-2006, 20:17
I reside in San Antonio Texas. To me a camera is a tool, much like a hammer. I do a lot of digital at this time. 35mm to 11X14 film cameras are the range of tools I work with. I am quite taken by optics. Silver gelatin, Platinum, Palladium, Van Dyke Brown, Cyanotype, Liquid Light and Polaroid Transfer.
I am trying out this forum because I am looking for new areas for discussion. Most boards/forums are not vary satisfying.
I do vary good to exceptional images. If it looks a certain way it is because it was intended. I am hopping to find people who are interested in content and vision.
I am extremely comfortable with large format cameras and their use and application. I use optical bench, bed and press style cameras. There is little that I have not worked with or have not done.
Now to go figure out the profile part. I hate computers but love what they can do. Both of my cats refuse to have anything to do with them.

Ron Marshall
14-Oct-2006, 20:59
Welcome to the forum Tim. I hope that you will find some discussion here that will be of interest to you. What types of subjects do you enjoy shooting?

I do 4x5, 5x7 and 35mm, mostly b/w and a wide variety of subjects.

adrian tyler
15-Oct-2006, 01:35
i use a hammer too! i'm sure i'm not the only one i wanting to see some "vary good to exceptional images", where can we see them.


matthew blais
15-Oct-2006, 06:36
There's been times I wanted to take my hammer to my camera, because it certainly wasn't my fault. :)

15-Oct-2006, 07:44
Looks like it's time to upgrade to those new digital cats.

adrian tyler
15-Oct-2006, 08:06
or time to show the hammer to the analogue ones... nothing like having a couple of cats doing all your profiles, best i can get is an enlightened reprohouse and they don't take catfood!

Brian Ellis
15-Oct-2006, 15:34
I'm occasinally tempted to use the hammer on one of our five cats rather than on my camera. But I too would like to see some of Tim's work, especially some of the alt processes. How about directions to your web site or if you don't have one perhaps you could post a few here?

John Kasaian
15-Oct-2006, 19:00
If you're into esoteric victorian optics, developers made from beverages (or beverages made from developers) the swedish bikini team, pinhole cameras made from frozen turkeys and places to buy sheet film in Canada you'll find plenty of inspiration here!:)


15-Oct-2006, 19:04
LOL... ESPECIALLY the Swedish Bikini Team!

But, the Budweiser Team is coming on strong! :)


Patrik Roseen
16-Oct-2006, 09:26
... the swedish bikini team, ...

Ahh, but the bikinis were dropped along time ago ;-)