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Jean Nightingale
14-Oct-2006, 12:34
Hello everyone
I have bought a Paterson Orbital Print Processor to develop my 5x4 film. Could anyone give me some instructions on how to use it. It looks like I fit the 4 sheets of film into into each corner, fit the lid,(in a dark room or bag)pour in the chemicals through the circular dome on top, agitate for required minutes, and then I presume tilt the box so it pours out of the arrow corner.Presumably I then repeat for stop and fix. Is this correct and are there any pitfalls I should avoid. I presume film will stay in place when I tip. Not sure how much chemicals to use.
Thanks in advance for any advice

Colin Robertson
14-Oct-2006, 15:34
See the recent thread 'Patterson Orbital Processor Help' by Jimbobuk.
See the thread, then if you have any particular Q's see me a PM. I use the processor quite a lot. It's good, but has certain 'quirks', esp making sure film doesn't stick to the bottom. Good luck.

Jean Nightingale
15-Oct-2006, 03:41
Hello again,
Its lovely to get a response.
Thanks for the pointer to thread on this subject. I wonder how you have solved the problem of stopping the film sticking to the bottom of the processor. I think I might worry about cutting the base for fear of damaging it. The silicone tube sounds a good idea but what kind of pattern would be good, what thickness and does it stay put?

15-Oct-2006, 05:32
I gouged mine with a sharp knife; it doesn't affect the useability of the device for prints either (I use mine for both)

I use 150ml of solution for film, but the soeed of agitation is important; you need to turn it until you hear the liquid "slosh" and rotate /just/ under that speed. That way the film develop properly without any marks.
For /prints/ (8x10) you need to turn a LOT slower, otherwise the paper will lift in the solution and touch the two "blades" and leave marks...

Beside that, the Orbital is really handy !