View Full Version : Managable Airline Shipping Cases

Frank Petronio
14-Oct-2006, 09:42
Now that I am back into a monorail system (Sinar) I am looking to get a new case for shipped airline travel. In the past I used the large Tenba ATA case with my 4x5 Arca and it was great -- as I am sure the similar Lightware (V4001, V4300) cases are. But now that checked luggage needs to weigh under 50 lbs in the USA, I am concerned that I will get dinged for overages with the larger cases that weigh in at 12 lbs or so. Plus it is just nicer to deal with a slightly smaller case.

Does anyone know if the Lightware V4000 -- their smaller case made for the Sinar F -- will also hold 2-3 large mounted lenses (300/5.6; 115/6.8) and 15-20 holders plus a ditty bag? Right now that seems like the front runner.

The other option is to go with more a suitcase style Lightware 1623 or Pelican, but it is really much nicer to work from a "hanging monorail" type case.

Is there hanging monorail case out there that has WHEELS? So far none of the big brands have figured out that wheels are really nice to have...

David A. Goldfarb
14-Oct-2006, 16:50
Strebor can probably make you something, if one of their stock cases doesn't suit your needs--