View Full Version : B&L Protar Triple Convertable

Steve Williams_812
12-Apr-2000, 14:06
Can anyone tell me anything about this lens for use on 8x10? It has 10 7/8, 16 3/16, 23 1/4, in a Compound shutter.

All I shoot is TriX and make contact prints. I am looking to use it in the fiel d for landscapes and portraits.

Any wisdom would be appreciated.


Doug Paramore
12-Apr-2000, 17:07
Steve: This is one of the great classic lenses or lens sets. As you may know, it is a triple convertable. The converted lens is used behind the shutter usually. The info I have shows each cell to be made up of four elements. With single cells, some lenses show a little focus shift as you close down. You may want to check focus at shooting aperature. Ron Wisner of camera fame uses the Protars. The lens was a favorite of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston. It ought to make some 8x10 contacts that are out of this world. Use a lens shade if it is uncoated. You have a real jewel of a lens. Doug.