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Peter Fang
12-Apr-2000, 12:18
Folks -

i've just purchased a used Osaka / Tachihara 4x5 view camera. I need some advice / information / guidance.

1) Can the Osaka be folded up completely into the "lunch box" configuration with the rear swing adjustments completely flush with the body? It seems impossible for the Osaka to be placed flat in it's folded state (where the handle points up) because of the fact that the rear swing adjustments are ju tting out of the camera (you know, the black adjustments with the little brass k nobs on them).

2) Do the most modern "tachihara's" have the adjustable rear standard and fresne l / acrylic ground glass? How do I check to see if I have the fresnel / acrylic ground glass?

Thanks! Your help is much appreciated..


William Lindley
12-Apr-2000, 19:20
I also puchased a used Tachihara, and found it dificult to fold at first. Make sure all the movements are in a position where the front mount is all the way back, and check the rear standard to make sure it is ALL the way back and square with the body of the Camera. Something I was told by the fellow I purchased the Tachihara from was to make sure all the knobs are loose when you try to fold the Camera and then tighten only the standard knobs to hold the Camera together, for I have found that you can not rely on that littlt latch to always work! (By the way, watch out for that little latch; it can catch on the bellows when you open the Camera.)

William Lindley
13-Apr-2000, 19:03
The Tachahara cannot sit upright when folded, as you say; because of the black metal pieces with the knobs. This should not be a problen however, as you can always place the Camera on the bottom or top. I use one of Calumets ground glass protectors on mine so I can lay the Camera on either side. I have a Bogen/Manfroto quick relese plate on the other side.

As I purchased my Tachahara used as well, I cannot say if my ground glass is original or not. However, I believe it to be original, as it is the only place on the Camera that says Tachahara on it. I do not know what vintage it is. It is a glass/plexiglass sandwich with horizontal and vertical markings. Perhaps you or some one can tell what vintage my Tachahara is by this marking: on the front, when folded, it has a red metal label that says: 4x5 FIEL.?