View Full Version : wetting agent?

Phil M
10-Oct-2006, 10:17
Hello all. I keep reading about using a wetting agent after cleaning my sheet film.
Unless I'm just a tad dense I can't locate any chemical referenced as such. I've looked in all thge usual places, B&H Photo, Porters, etc. Is there some "technical name for a wetting agent?

Thanks for the help

10-Oct-2006, 10:19
Photo-flo from Kodak.


10-Oct-2006, 10:23
Ilford Ilfotol

Edwin Lachica
10-Oct-2006, 12:53
Rollei line of chemicals has the R3 Wetting Agent

Donald Qualls
10-Oct-2006, 16:36
Some vendors call it "film treatment" or some other name, but they all have it. The cheapest version is a couple drops of liquid dish soap (for washing up by hand -- Dawn, Joy, etc.) in a liter of liquid made of 7 parts water to one part 90% isopropyl alcohol. You can reuse this until it starts to grow mold...

Jim Noel
11-Oct-2006, 12:51
LFN by Edwal is one of the very good wetting agents.

If all else fails, use one drop of liquid dish detergent in about a gallon of water. That is what I used when I could not afford any extra chemicals like wetting agents.

Michael Graves
11-Oct-2006, 16:01
DON'T use Photographer's Formulary. As much as I love their products, that is one that has given me no end of grief. Too much and it leaves residue...too little and the negatives spot worse than if I didn't use any at all. The Photoflo works much better for me. I just hope it continues to be available.