View Full Version : Eskefot-Ultragon 150mm F8

Deniz Merdanogullari
9-Oct-2006, 17:41
Well I've been a happy owner of an eskefot-ultragon 210mm f8 for quite some time on my 8x10 and the coverege is fantastic at f22 and up. never ran out of coverage yet.

well i recently purchased the 150mm f8 brother of this lens. I've heard people say that it covers and some say that it almost does. Since this lens will be shot at f64 at most times any body know if i will get good illumination?

the price was extremely right, so i am not too concerned.


Walter Calahan
9-Oct-2006, 18:16
I guess you'll find out soon. Have fun.

Jim Rice
10-Oct-2006, 01:31
Let us know.

Deniz Merdanogullari
10-Oct-2006, 22:16
well i am waiting. its in the mail.

Deniz Merdanogullari
17-Oct-2006, 16:12
Well 150 doesnt cover 8x10 at infinity.
tiny bit of dark areas at the corners even at f64.
what a shame. :)

18-Oct-2006, 04:46
I am guessing that when you get closer than infinity the lens will cover well enough.

18-Oct-2006, 14:26
If you want sharpness and coverage including 8x10, this seems to be a good bet. Some people think they are comparable to the G-Clarons. Search for Eskofot Ultragon here on the site- there's at least one thread about them. Here's a photo made with one: http://flickr.com/photos/10795849@N00/236253172/

Dan Fromm
18-Oct-2006, 17:15
Its been awhile since I hankered for an Ultragon badged Staeble or Eskofot, or for that matter a lens badged Helioprint or Repromaster (also Ultragons), but when I did I went searching on rec.photo.equipment.large-format to see what people said. Some said great, others said lousy. There must be differences between people in standards/expectations of performance and also, perhaps, to so-so quality control in Munich. Steve Grimes, whose opinion I trusted more than 'most anyone else's said "nothing to write home about."

This report's moral for you, young Frederik, is that you should ask your lens whether it is good enough to suit you. No one else has one exactly like yours. And no one else has your standards. The "other people" Jimi referred to you have no experience of your lens and there's no guarantee yours is as good as the ones they might have tried.

Deniz Merdanogullari
18-Oct-2006, 17:50
I love the 210 f8 eskefot.
great coverege and sharpness for my contact printing.

150 covers when its closer then infinity. im sure i will use it at infinity atleast once or twice. with a little trimming to the negative i could get rid of the black edges.

Michael Heald
22-Oct-2006, 09:52
Hello! I just tried my 150mm Eskofot as part of a hyperfocal camera at f64, focused to 12 feet. The lateral 1/2 to one inch on edge edge fo the 8x10 paper negative are black - looks like it covers 8x8 at this focus distance. Best regards.


Michael Heald
22-Oct-2006, 12:45
Hello! I rechecked and the image circle is larger, about 28cm, which just cuts off the corners of an 8x10. Best regards.


Mark Sawyer
22-Oct-2006, 14:01
My 150mm Eskofot Ultragon won't quite cover 8x10 at infinity, but makes a wonderful, sharp little close-up lens. I just bought Deniz' 210mm for the same purpose on 11x14.

Alas, these little lenses (and most like them) only shut down to f/45, and depth of field is an issue at close distances. Wish they went to f/90...

Michael Heald
5-Nov-2006, 14:09
Hello! I've been checking my lens at f64 for a hyperfocal camera. With a CoC of 0.1mm, at f64, I've got it focused to abut 11 feet.
The lens looks like it just might cover 8x10. I think the limited coverage that I described with my last post was due to light leakage. If it covers, it will be tight. I'll post an image once I get the light leaks sorted out. Best regards.


Michael Heald
10-Nov-2006, 10:03
Hello! Here is the picture with my 150mm Eskofot. I focused at about 10 feet and f64 for a hyperfocal camera. I used Oriental HyperSeagull panchromatic paper for this test.
The building on the left isn't vertical because I tilted the camera up to minimize how much grass I got in the frame.
The corners are just clipped. The lens won't cover at infinity. If I calculate the dimensions of the circle, it looks like it will cover 8x10 when foucsed at 3 feet. Otherwise, the lens looks fairly sharp. Best regards.