View Full Version : Yosemite Valley Leaf report

John Kasaian
8-Oct-2006, 20:28
We just got back from two nights spent in the valley. Tioga Pass was closed but reopened today. FWIW the leaves were just staring to change. Aspens were bright yellow, Maples were browning with hints of green and red. The oaks were green/brown the dogwoods were just yellowing with a hint of pink and the willows were green. The ferns were either green or brown depending on location. Another week of cooler weather and it should be very colorful is my guess.

Friday had a rock slide in the morning which sounded llike a bombs going off (we were told by a DNC employee) and Friday evening brought a good rainstorm. Saturday evening saw Half Dome with a banner cloud (!) and a lovely full moon night with the moonlight reflecting of the granite through a mist----beautiful! While I was with my children I did notice a photographer was having a show & book signing at the museum but I didn't have the time to take a closer look or jot down his name. he few photographs advertising the exhibition were color panoramas and quite nice. The Ansel Adams Gallery, were I did get to spend some time (because they had a "story time" on the porch which kept my chhildren occupied) was well stocked with 4x5 sheet film and they also featured both Bob Kolbrenner and Roman Loranc prints on exhibition which this monochrome fan certainly enjoyed.

Oh, and no mosquitos!

Ron Stowell
8-Oct-2006, 20:34
Thanks for that update. Could others from the rest of the country let us know the local conditions; it would be of great help to those of us planning weekend trips and longer vacations.
Here in the Finger Lakes of New York the leaves are at about 25% changed with good weather forcasted until Wed. of this week.

Eric James
8-Oct-2006, 22:28
Thanks for the words John - I miss that place!!!

I'd be very interested in hearing about conditions in the North Cascades at this time of year, particularly The Enchantments near Worthleavin' (aka Leavenworth). I hope to spend a few days there next fall and would like to pencil it in.

For what it's worth: SouthCentral Alaska tree colors are all but history - 10 days ago was peak, I'd say. Tundra color is beautiful though, but the snow line is creaping down. I was in the Interior (Glenallen, Fairbanks, and further north) in mid September but sadly the peak had passed.