View Full Version : Apo-Sironar 210mm f/5.6 "MC" vs "W"

Joel Pinson
8-Oct-2006, 07:11
Hi all,

I'm told the Apo-Sironar 210mm f/5.6 MC would be an earlier version of the Apo-Sironar 210mm f/5.6 "W". Could anybody confirm ? if so, does that mean the "MC" would have the same image circle than the "W" (352mm at f22) ?

Thanks in advance.

Oren Grad
8-Oct-2006, 07:46
The "Apo-Sironar" (with no "N", "S" or "W" letter designation) is the earlier version of the "Apo-Sironar-W" - it shares the same optical design and 80 degree coverage.

I have a 210 Apo-Sironar and can confirm that the coverage is enough for 8x10 with a useful amount of movement.

Apart from the label on the lens, the way to make sure you're getting the "W" design is that it is much larger and heavier than the "N" or "S", and comes in a #3 shutter rather than the #1 that the "N" and "S" fit.

I would not refer to the "Apo-Sironar" as the "MC" - all Rodenstock lenses picked up that designation beyond a certain point, so it doesn't help in distinguishing this lens from the others.

Joel Pinson
8-Oct-2006, 09:16
Thanks Oren, sounds like the lens is actually mounted on a copal 3 shutter, so definitely a "W". Thanks again for your help!