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Tom Westbrook
8-Oct-2006, 05:00
We've received a report of a member who is unable to log into the forum using IE5 on a Mac OS 8.6 machine. I'd like to know if anyone else has this problem so I can add info to the bug report I just sent in on the issue.

If you have registered as a member and have this problem, use the Contact Us (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/sendmessage.php) form to send the following info to me:

1. Operating system version
2. Browser version
3. Any errors you receive and a description of what happens when you try to log on.
4. The approximate date when this problem started affecting to you.


Gordon Moat
8-Oct-2006, 11:08
Good afternoon Tom,

I tried it out on one of my old PowerBooks. Internet Exploder 5.1.7 on Mac OS 9.2.2. I get the rectangle with "Thanks for loggin in . . . " redirect, and then it goes back to the forum page like I did not log in. I tried that with checking the "Remember Me" box, and leaving it unchecked, and the behaviour was the same. I don't normally use this for checking anything, other than to verify if something on my website works or does not. This version of Exploder was a problem that Microsoft never got right. My suggestion is that anyone on an older system use Netscape 7 or the older Mozilla browser.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio (http://www.allgstudio.com)

8-Oct-2006, 11:39
Just to cover all angles - did you check if cookies were enabled?

Normally I would never suggest using a different browser to any user, but in this case I would agree with Gordon. Internet Explorer for Mac is a dead browser, they officially pulled the plug on it three years ago, so there is really no other choice.

Gordon Moat
8-Oct-2006, 11:45
To answer Marko's question, accepting all cookies is the default. Oddly enough, that version of Exploder still works with logging into my bank account.

8-Oct-2006, 11:53
To answer Marko's question, accepting all cookies is the default. Oddly enough, that version of Exploder still works with logging into my bank account.

Funny as it may sound, this may not be Internet Exploder's fault at all. This forum is a commercial package, isn't it? I've seen many web sites made using Microsoft tools and tested to work in Internet Explorer for PC, while failing miserably in other browsers and platforms. The problem in those cases is not with the browser but with the choices made (or not considered) by the developers.

The irony is that Internet Explorer for Mac was made by an entirely separate team using completely different browsing engine and was usually the first to fail on those IE/PC-centric web sites. It was also regarded as one of the best and most standards-compliant browsers of its day.

Eric James
8-Oct-2006, 12:01
I have no LF forum issues with IE 5.2 on my last generation PowerBook, but I'm fully updated to 10.4.8. I use Safari though, unless I'm logging into Gordon's bank account - only IE works for that;)

Jeffrey Sipress
8-Oct-2006, 17:02
I'm surprised no one has said it yet, but get with the 21st century here. OS 8.6? I don't think there are many applications there that create useable documents by today's standards. We can be nice and whip out our antique Macs from the attic to try to get you an answer, but your life would be better all around with a modern Mac. Even an old iMac running OSX can be had for a couple hundred dollars....or less.

Tom Westbrook
9-Oct-2006, 03:55
Can someone who was able to reproduce this try logging in again? I turned off some of the plug-ins to see if any of those broke something.

Tom Westbrook
9-Oct-2006, 07:29
Never mind that last--I got someone to test it already.

Robert A. Zeichner
9-Oct-2006, 15:53
Whatever you last did seemed to work. With regard to replacing my computer so I can upgrade to a new operating system and be able to download current browsers, it's just money I don't want to spend, even used. I've got other financial priorites at the moment. When I can no longer collect my email and do the other relatively simple things I bought this computer to do, I'll toss it and begrudgingly start the process over.

Thanks for your efforts again, Tom.

Tom Westbrook
9-Oct-2006, 16:27
I applied a patch the vendor supplied, so I think, judging from Robert's success, other people affected should be able to log in now.

Still, it might be a good idea to think about moving to another browser in the next 6-8 months or so, since I'm not sure how long vBulletin will continue to support IE5.

Robert A. Zeichner
13-Oct-2006, 14:29
Well Tom, whatever you did seems to have worked so well that I am now able to post without having to remind the site that I am a member. Thanks again for your efforts.