View Full Version : G-Claron & Overexposure

Todd Caudle
13-Apr-2000, 00:08
I recently purchased a 355mm G-Claron and I've noticed that the chromes I'm gett ing back are consistently overexposed by what looks like over a full f-stop. I u se a two meters that have always produced accurate results, and my other lenses shot at the same time in the same light metered the same way are coming out perf ectly exposed. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

sheldon hambrick
13-Apr-2000, 03:06
Your shutter is one stop too slow.

13-Apr-2000, 20:27

No two large mechanical shutters time the same - this is a lot more 'visible' in LF. You might want to get all your shutters tested and see what the actual speeds are so that you can compensate for the biases.

Regards Tan

Bill Glickman
14-Apr-2000, 05:30
The Calumet shutter speed tester is a handy little item to have at times like this... it costs $80 and does an excellent job. This will isolate if it is the shutter, vs. the apt. setting. As the poster said above, most likely its the shutter speed.