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7-Oct-2006, 11:46
Hello everybody,

my name is Tim, I live at Altenburg/Germany, the city where skat, the cardgame was invented.
I use a Toyo view 45C for B&W and slides.
My favourite films are the T-Max 100 and the Agfa RSX 100.
Nice to be here and hope to gather some interesting information.


BTW: I'm a member of the german LF-Community Grossformatfotografie (http://grossformatfotografie.de/)

7-Oct-2006, 12:44
Howdy Tim,

Welcome to the club...

You're SURE to gather LOTS of interesting information here. :)


Ron Marshall
7-Oct-2006, 13:31
Welcome to the forum Tim.

I really enjoy Skat. I was taught by some Swiss who I travelled with through western Canada many years ago. Unfortunately I rately have a chance to play now, as it is not a popular game in the USA.

Armin Seeholzer
7-Oct-2006, 13:50
Hi Tim
Höchste Zeit das mal wieder einer hier auftaucht!
Hope we get soon also a german part in this forum, it would be nice.

Cheers Armin

7-Oct-2006, 13:52
Does the Agfa RSX still exists? I used to like it a lot, about 15 years ago.

7-Oct-2006, 14:44
Many thanks for welcome.
I already read many things here. And now its time to have a look beyond my own nose.

Ja, Armin, Zeit wirds. Wusste ja gar nicht, dass du dich auch hier rumtreibst. Bist halt einer der Guten!
Ich denke, mein English wird dann auch immer besser :-)

I hope that my english tongue will become better over the next weeks/months/years!


7-Oct-2006, 14:47
I bought some from nordfoto.de (available!) and at e-Bays and stored them in the freezer.
But the Kodak-slides are good too.


Steven Barall
7-Oct-2006, 15:37
Welcome to virtual America. The amount and quality of amazing information available here is awe inspiring. People here really know their stuff and even more importantly are extremely generous with their knowledge and time.

As far as the quality of your English tongue goes, you might want to save that for one of the adults only web sites.

Welcome again and good luck.

8-Oct-2006, 01:06
@Steven: *ROFL*
Thats a phrase I've learned at the school to say, that my skills in talking english arn't the best.
But I'll remeber your words at the right time. :-)


8-Oct-2006, 01:09
Hallo Tim,

Armin ist nicht der einzige...

Gruss, Remigius.

8-Oct-2006, 01:25
Hallo Remigius,

ist das hier die Parallelwelt zum Forum? :-))

Schön, dich hier zu sehen.


Armin Seeholzer
8-Oct-2006, 02:57
Das hier ist das einzige noch lebende reine GF Forum das ich kenne und auch mein erstes welches ich vor ca 6-7 Jahren fand!
Dann gab es da noch das f32 in UK ist aber seit ca. einem Jahr nicht mehr wirklich was los.
Und im Photo.net gibt es auch noch eine GF abteilung, ist aber sehr wenig los und alle 2 Jahre wiederholen sich die gleichen Anfängerfragen!
Das und GF sind die besten!
MFG Armin

Michael Daily
8-Oct-2006, 18:05
Hi Tim
Höchste Zeit das mal wieder einer hier auftaucht!
Hope we get soon also a german part in this forum, it would be nice.

Cheers Armin

Gleichfals! Herzlich wilkommen, uva...
Michael (aus Indiana)