View Full Version : Availability of huge-coverage lenses

David Nash
12-Apr-2000, 05:46
I'm trying to find out what lenses are available with an image circle of 600mm ( 24") or larger.

I assume that some of the longer focal length Rodenstock process lenses would su it, for example, but have been unable to find any information on them. Also, I' m not sure if they will take a shutter.

Ideally, I'd like focal lengths of 360mm, 750mm and 1000mm.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
12-Apr-2000, 09:36
Go to www.wisner.com and check out Ron's list of lenses for the 20 X 24" format.

Natha Congdon
12-Apr-2000, 14:17
To supplement Wisner's info on classic lenses: Among modern lenses, the Fuji 600 F12.5 C is a very nice compact lens with an image circle of 620 mm at infinity and f22. I use it for portraits at 8 X 10, and find it very sharp. It is not a cheap lens new (ca $1700), but I see it used not infrequently for as low as $1100. I got mine at Ebay for that price. It is by far the smallest and lightest lens I use.


sheldon hambrick
12-Apr-2000, 15:07
Also keep an eye out on Ebay for the Nikkor process lenses, both the f9 and the wide angle f10 versions (coverage over 90 deg). I've seen the f9s from 600 up to 1000mm. I've seen the wide angle f10s from 210mm to 360mm.

Jay M. Packer
15-Apr-2000, 13:00
Mr. Nash:

I have several lenses for my 12 x 20 Canham that will produce a 600 mm image circle:

A) 355 mm f9 G-Claron: The image circle is much larger than Schneider claims; perhaps less than perfectly sharp at the corners of a 12 x 20, but more than adequate for contact platinum prints.

B) 600 mm f11.5 Fujinon: As Mr. Congdon says, it's a relatively small lens with a huge image circle.

C) 750 mm Apo-Ronar: In yet another optical engineering miracle, Steve Grimes successfully inserted this process lens into a #3 Copal shutter; the resulting maximum aperture is f16.

D) 1000 mm f19.5 Docter Optic Apo-Germinar: An artar design, in a #3 Copal shutter. Fred Newman at Darkroom Innovations had a few of these lenses two years ago; I don't know if he has any remaining.

Good luck with your quest.