View Full Version : i need an empty 4x5 box...

5-Oct-2006, 11:07
for shipping film to be processed. i'm about to shoot my first sheets of film after a couple months of shooting polaroids. i've called a couple labs in LA, and nobody has any lying around. i'm near inglewood, ca. i'll reimburse your postage.


Michael Gordon
5-Oct-2006, 11:13
I can send you a box. Send me a PM.

5-Oct-2006, 17:10
I've found that if you put your name and address and the words "Please return" on the box halves most labs will return the box, so you can build up a few to have around. I had to use an entire box of film before I could send any E-6 films in for developing.

- Randy

matthew blais
5-Oct-2006, 19:49
I'm in So Cal and have a couple.
Send me your address too..


al olson
6-Oct-2006, 09:05
There are other things you can use to ship film instead of the film boxes. I save the plastic, lightproof wrap from the printing papers. This is sufficient to double wrap the film for shipping. Wrapping it around several times also pads and helps stiffen the package.

If you left enought flap when you cut open the sheet film envelope, this can be folded over and sealed. For extra security you can put this inside the printing paper wrap as well.