View Full Version : Cheapo wide lens for FKD

5-Oct-2006, 04:12
I've recently taken the plunge and purchased a LF plate camera - an FKD 13x18 :o
(...well, it was cheap)

I've got two shutterless industar lenses: a 210 and a 300.

What I 'need' now is a wider lens. Can any of you suggest a budget wide-angle lens for 13x18 w/wo shutter? How wide do you think I can go for peanuts?


5-Oct-2006, 05:17
How many peanuts? How wide will the camera go?

If you do a search you'll find discussions on 5x7 lenses. They should all work.

Paul Fitzgerald
7-Oct-2006, 08:57

A Kodak No. 32 Anastigmat (162/4.5) will easily cover 5x7 and are very underrated (cheap). Make sure you get the mounting flange with it. Hate to say it but it will make the 152/4.5 Ektar look like Kodak's Edsel.

Good luck with the hunt.

Michael Graves
7-Oct-2006, 16:53
Keep your eyes open. Last week I got a 120mm 6.8 Angulon for under fifty bucks. It is in great shape and covers 5x7 with a bunch room to spare.

C. D. Keth
8-Oct-2006, 13:39
The rodenstock 150mm geronar covers 5x7 and are very abundant as they come with several intro 4x5 cameras.