View Full Version : LF Lens QC and mounting question

Jerome Wu
3-Oct-2006, 22:47
Dear All:

As I see MTF test results varied a lot between different samples of the same lens, I can't stop wondering what contribute to that huge difference. Besides, is there any easy way to test a LF lens to see if it's with average resolution or it's abnormal? (Is buying the lens, shooting and enlarging the negative the only way for a photographer?)

I also read that, in some optical design, the spacing between front and rear elements may affect the performance of the lens. Then, how can I know the rear element is screwed to the right position when mounting it? Becasue I see quite some used LF lenses with worn thred on the rear cell and it's really not easy to know if the rear element is screwed tight enough...

Thanks for your kind answer in advance...