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3-Oct-2006, 10:16
Hi all hope you don't mind me crashing your board. I haven't done any large format photography for a long time, but I still have a couple of lenses that I'd completely forgotten about until clearing out my store cupboard.

One is a 90mm Nikkonor and the other is 150mm Schneider.

I do remember that the shutter is broken on the 90mm as the last time I used it I had to use it in complete darkness.

Is it possible to fix this?
If so how much will it cost?
Where could I get it fixed?
And if it was fixed how much would it be worth to sell s/h?

Lastly what sort of value would the 150mm Schneider be worth and also where could I go to get them checked out.

I live quite close to London, so any shops or repair workshops within that area would be great.

Thanks for your time

Oops just noticed the lens forum - sorry wrong forum... mods please move if possible.

3-Oct-2006, 13:47
Hi, you could try Teamwork in the West End. They have a technician who visits several times a week who will be able to tell you what is wrong, and how much it is likely to cost to fix it. They will also be able to give you a price for the lenses as they sell secondhand equipment.

David Whistance

Ralph Barker
3-Oct-2006, 20:38
Which London? ;)

4-Oct-2006, 01:47
London Connecticut, naturally...

Cheers for the tip I'll check out this Teamwork next time I'm in town...

4-Oct-2006, 07:43
Sorry, but I assumed London, UK. You'll have to find another dealer I'm afraid. My apologies.

David Whistance