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2-Oct-2006, 17:41
Hello to everyone! I just discovered your forum, and am exited to use it to help me learn more about my photographic hobby. My wife and I am a year now in our new house, and it's time for me to build a darkroom again. I've been in the law enforcement profession for more than 20 years and while just a rookie was fortunate enough to attend the Kansas City Missouri Crime Scene School. I was taught photographic theory on a Crown Graphic 4 x 5, and developed a real admiriation of large format photography from that experience. As a working evidence technician I photographed many crime scenes. I wonder if that's why I'm such an avid fan of WeeGee? Anyway, I just thought I'd introduce myself a bit, and wish you all a fabulous October!


Ralph Barker
2-Oct-2006, 18:40
Welcome to the LF Forum, Dave.

Would you believe the full quote often attributed to Weegee was, "F/8 and be there, along with the CSIs"? ;)

Ken Lee
3-Oct-2006, 10:13
Kansas is a fabulous place for landscape photography. Let's see some pix real soon.

3-Oct-2006, 15:02
Ralph and Ken,
thanks very much. As for WeeGee, I think he'd still find plenty of F8 fodder in the gritty city. And, I plan on a fall trip a couple of hours away to the Flint Hills for some of my first photos after the darkroom is up and running.

3-Oct-2006, 21:59

Welcome to the club from Vancouver, BC in Canada.

LF is great fun...


Alex Hawley
4-Oct-2006, 01:33
Hi Dave,

Welcome to the LF world. I'm in Eastern Ks, near Burlington. There's a few of us scattered around here.

Here's a quick view of some Flint Hills.

John Berry
7-Oct-2006, 12:29
Hi Dave,

John Berry
7-Oct-2006, 12:39
Hi Dave,
Welcome to the LF forum.I now live in Seattle, but I was born and raised in Wichita. Seems I needed to get away for a while to be able to see the state in a different perspective. Though I truly believe Kodak manufactured this state just to sell a buttload of film. I have, with Alexs' view, gained a whole new appreciation for my home state.