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1-Oct-2006, 10:25

Albumen is a new process for me. It's taken a while, but I've finally gotten good at coating and sensitizing. Now I'm moving toward toning.

I'm digging the tones produced by thiocyanate toning bath, but I'd like to find a bath that 1) lasts longer and 2) makes a grayer image.

Any thoughts?


BTW, this is the formula I'm using.

400 ml h20
12.5g ammonium thiocyanite
1g tataric acid
2.5 g sodium chloride
10 ml 1% gold chloride
h20 to make 500 ml.

David A. Goldfarb
1-Oct-2006, 10:33
I normally use a borax/gold toner, followed by a 2-bath plain hypo fix, which is quite traditional, but it doesn't last particularly long, and it doesn't produce a neutral tone, though it does get closer to neutral the longer you leave it in the toner.

2 l distilled water
1 g gold chloride
8 g borax

You can also get a more neutral result by selenium toning (which has the attraction of being a lot cheaper as well), though I prefer the gold toner. For selenium toner my sequence is --

Rinse exposed prints

1 min TF-4 fixer

3 min KRST 1:32

Hunt around for "albumen" and "selenium" on apug.org, and I started a thread on this topic with an example or two.