View Full Version : Finally I have got it right!

Hugo Zhang
30-Sep-2006, 22:12
The last few 9 1/2 x 19 1/2 negatives I developed were heavily fogged. I thought I did not get the film speed right or the film was too old. No, the label on the film canister says 12/2006 and my holders are brand new. I found the problem when I put my head into the bellows and rechecked the camera. Part of the bellows got separated from the front and rear standard. I retaped them tight and this afternoon I went out and exposed two negatives. I have just finished the developing them in Pyro.

Wow! I can't describe the sensation of holding a beautiful 9 1/2 x 19 1/2 sheet of negative in my trembling hands against the light. The huge size and the incredible minute details of everything I ever wanted there! I think I have entered a land of no return. It's such a wonderful feeling.

Oh, Sandy, the 14" Trigor does cover this size and to my naked eyes the edges are as sharp as the center.

Finally, with a wide smile on my face, I want to thank everyone who has helped me on my way into ULF!


Ron Marshall
1-Oct-2006, 00:15
I am amazed with just a 5x7 negative, 9.5x19.5 is beyond my imagination.

Congratulations, the first time that all goes just right, then you know all of the effort and expense was worth it, and more importantly, you have the proof to show your wife.

1-Oct-2006, 00:37

Congratulations on your success... one day (soon) I've got to give Pyro a try! :)