View Full Version : Zoom lens for 4x5 or other large formats?

Ellis Vener
9-Feb-2000, 21:39
Just curious: Has any company ever made a zoom lens for a large format camera?

9-Feb-2000, 21:52
I once mounted wheels on my tripod and tried zooming about.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
9-Feb-2000, 22:02
Didn't Schneider make a lens called the "zoomar" or somethhing for enlargers? No, seriously I am not making this up.

Doug Paramore
9-Feb-2000, 22:27
Sean is correct, but I can't remember if it was a Schnieder or something else. I remember photographers mounting that lens in a shutter and using it as a camera lens. If there was one made specifically for large format cameras it was short lived. Wouldn't it be neat to have a small, lightweight zoom of 90mm to 300mm with great resolution and costing about $300. However, a zoom that size would be about the size of a bus and probably cost more. It's nice to dream. Doug

Patrick Chase
10-Feb-2000, 19:05
Voightlander made a lens called the "zoomar". Could that be what Sean refers to (it had a horrible reputation, IIRC).

-- Patrick

Tony Brent
10-Feb-2000, 23:01
When you consider the price of a 25-250 Angenieux for motion picture cameras being well beyond my yearly income, I dont even want to think about what one that would cover 8x10 from 150mm to 600mm would run. I dont think I could lift it even if I could afford it.

Ellis Vener
10-Feb-2000, 23:15
What I had in mind was something like a 120 to 250 mm.

alan dale
11-Feb-2000, 13:47
Voigtlander's "Zoomar" lens was the first zoom for 35mm camera, not LF; 35-70mm or something like that. Incidentally, I think it was not even made by Voigtander but by an American optical firm.

Ellis Vener
11-Feb-2000, 13:53
So i take it the answer is....NO.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
12-Feb-2000, 19:06
I swear I saw Photogrphic systems in New Mexico or was it Midwest Photo in Ohio selling one in their darkroom section.....

please, I don't wanna dig throught all the back issues of View Camera to find it...