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30-Sep-2006, 09:02
I've been using a Toyo 45G for a few months, and I'm ready for something more portable (Haven't dragged the 45G out of the house yet!).

I had hoped for a Toyo 45CF (partly because I can use the same lens boards as the 45G, using an adapter), but the used prices for Toyo field cameras seem unreasonably high.

Any other models I should keep an eye on?

Ron Marshall
30-Sep-2006, 09:15
The Toho is a wonderful camera at 3 lb, and though a bit pricy, every time I use it I am thankful I spent the money. It seemed a bit frustrating to use at first, after my Sinar F1, but I quickly adjusted and now am completely satisfied, which I rarely am with any product.

Alan Davenport
30-Sep-2006, 09:50
Tachihara. Also once sold by Calumet as the "Wood Field XM" and often cheaper in Calumet clothing...

Brian Vuillemenot
30-Sep-2006, 11:08
How about a Shen-Hao? You can pick one up brand new for less than most used cameras.

Joseph O'Neil
30-Sep-2006, 15:25
How about a Shen-Hao? You can pick one up brand new for less than most used cameras.

Carefull of the condition. Before i bought my Tachihara brand new, I looked at many used wood field cameras, including the Shen-Hao. The poor condition and high price of many of these used cameras led me to buying new. I've litterally in some cases seen cameras that have clearly had better days come within $100 of a price of a comparable new one.

At $800 (ish) for new Toyo 45CF or $600 for a new Tachihara or Shen-Hao, unless you get lucky and find a really good deal on a used camera, I would look at a new one.


1-Oct-2006, 00:45
I'm quite happy with my Deardorff 5x7 with a 4x5 reducing back... two formats in one camera.

Perfect! :)


Andrew O'Neill
1-Oct-2006, 08:46
Capocheny!! What's that smell?? Smells like smoked salmon?

1-Oct-2006, 10:40
I love my Toyo cameras. The 45CF has limited movements but light. The 45A, AX and AII are great but heavy and not cheap.

Have you concidered use a light rail camera in the field like a Toyo 45D or 45E? Good prices and the rail can be removed to put it in a pack. This is what my children do. The D and E will use the boards for your G. If you buy an A or CF you will need to remount your lenses in 110mm boards and use the 158mm adaptor to use them on the G. The G (158mm) boards can't be adapted to the A or cf (110mm).

Eric Brody
1-Oct-2006, 10:40

I have used a Toyo 45A field camera for a number of years. It is metal, some like metal's rigidity, some like the beauty of wood. To me the camera is a tool and while I like beauty, function is more important. Except perhaps for the Ebony, almost any metal camera is more rigid than a wooden one. I have seen the Toho and it is small and light, but not as smooth to operate as the Toyo. I can have the Toyo out of the pack, on the tripod, attach a lens, and be ready to focus in under a minute, if that matters.

I've sent you a pm about the one I'm selling.

Good luck, whichever you choose.


1-Oct-2006, 14:35
I've been using a Toyo 45AII. It is a solid and very reliable camera with all of the functionality that a field camera really needs. Not the lightest but a real workhorse. If you get one of these, you won't ever need another.
Good luck,
Dave B.