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Richard A Johnson
29-Sep-2006, 18:20
Today I was doing a film check in the refrigerator, I wanted to re-stock some 5x7 film so I could get back to using my 5x7 camera.I though I was all out but low and behold I found a box of 5x7 Plus-X dated however from - are you ready 11/1999 unopen. My question is -

Is it to late to do anything with this stuff?

The film is almost 6 YEARS OLD is there any speed left?

I'm I wasting my time? Will it be all fogged up from time gone by?

Do I need a specal deveolper?
The box of film has been in a ziolock bag the hold time and again has never open.

HELP & Thanks Richard

Andrew O'Neill
29-Sep-2006, 18:38
I was shooting Kodak IR sheet film which expired in 2000 with no problems. The box was stored in my fridge. I'll bet your film will be okay. Just load a film holder, go out in your yard, expose a sheet and develop it. You'll know pretty quick then. Even if it comes out a bit fogged, you can print through that. Such a lovely film...shame it should go to waste...If you do test it, let us know how it turned out, eh?

Andrew O'Neill
29-Sep-2006, 18:39
...oh ya, Just develop it in your standard developer to start.

29-Sep-2006, 18:41
Ohhhh, what I wouldn't give to find a box of Plus-X sheet film in myrefridgerator. I miss that film a lot!

Shoot it and enjoy. It's probably still good.

Andrew O'Neill
29-Sep-2006, 18:42

I'm finding FP4+ a great replacement for Plus-X. It's not the same, but...pretty close!

29-Sep-2006, 18:45
That's what I've been using... plus an extension of my repetoire to HP5+. I'm very happy with the Ilford film. But I do miss Plus-X an awful lot.

29-Sep-2006, 18:46
Oh... and I shot a box of Bergger... not sure if I like it or not. But probalby won't buy more. Already bought more FP4 and HP5.

Andrew O'Neill
29-Sep-2006, 18:49
Ya, I'm hooked on HP5+, FP4+ and Efke 25... I use them in that order. LOVE HP5+!
Richard, when you run out of Plus-X, be sure to try a box of FP4+ if you haven't already.

29-Sep-2006, 19:06
These shots was made with 620 Tri-X expired in 1967! I bought them for the spools. A bit of fog and slightly low contrast but otherwise not bad. Made with a pinhole camera.


Glenn Thoreson
29-Sep-2006, 19:34
Plus-X, you say? I think you should just send it to me and I'll let you know how it turns out. Seriously, it'll be fine.

Ron Marshall
29-Sep-2006, 21:08
These shots was made with 620 Tri-X expired in 1967! I bought them for the spools. A bit of fog and slightly low contrast but otherwise not bad. Made with a pinhole camera.


Nice images. The subjects suit your film stock, sort of a vintage look.

The fog doesn't seem to have affected the images much.

Alan Davenport
29-Sep-2006, 22:01
If your Plus-X has been stored in the refrigerator all this time, chances are it will be fine.

29-Sep-2006, 22:32

When I got my Dorff 8x10... the seller was kind enough to include a 50-sheet box of Tri-X dated 1997. Of course, it came with a caveat... :)

I wondered if it was still good or not... but the only way to really know for sure is to shoot a few sheets, which is what I did.

It was fine... no problems at all.

If yours was in the fridge... it's probably fine. :)


Jim Galli
29-Sep-2006, 22:41
Standard procedure instead of asking on a forum is to go in the dark, cut a sheet in half, put one half straight in the fixer, develop the other half as normal and fix. Compare the 2 pieces to get an idea of any extra film base plus fog. Even brand new fresh stuff will have some fb+fog though. Compare to an edge of some fresh negs. I have some 1986 stuff that's always been refrigereated and it's not useable. Not imho anyways.