View Full Version : Heliars Help Please

28-Sep-2006, 06:52

I found 2 early Heliars (15cm, 18cm) in Hong Kong, and they are in early compur shutters (see pic) without mounting flanges. I found some mounting flanges from SK; I am just wondering are they #1 or those special #2 shutters? Do they drop in standard linhof type lens broad? or do I need to get it fitted?



28-Sep-2006, 07:56

Measure the mounting threads and refer to the shutter spec table on SK Grime's site. My guess is they are non-standard sizes.


Christopher Perez
28-Sep-2006, 08:18
My 15cm Heliar in early Compur dial-set is non-standard and takes a slightly larger than #1 hole. Your's will likely require special flanges.

Try Jim at MidWest Photo to see what he has laying around.

Or take a 2 inch PVC pipe, cut a cross section, split the edge, cement a pair of PVC "knobs" on either side of the split and drill a hole "cross wise" through the "knobs" to hold a screw/nut. This is cheap, simple, and holds as well as any flange.