View Full Version : 8X10 Wista vs Tachihara

8-Feb-2000, 19:24
Somewhere in the last 6 months I read that the Wista 8X10 ($2200 new) was manufa cturered by Tachihara and was basicly the same camera as the Tachihara 8X10 ($13 00 new). From personal experience I know the Wista 45 DX is a much higher qualit y 4X5 camera than the Tachihara 4X5. Can any persons with experience with these two 8X10 cameras comment on the differences other than price? Also opinions rega rding these two cameras will be appreciated. Thanks!

Jan erala
11-Feb-2000, 12:42
I have owned two 8x10 Tachiharas and have currently a 8x10 named Wista stand field. This camera is identical with the Tachiis to every smallest screw. I know the 4x5's are very different, and would not be suprised if there should exist stmll another 8x10 version of the Wista. Otherwise I like the Tachihara/Wista because it is lightweight, has a very fine groundglass and the rear focusing of the double extended design is absolutely practical. The drawback is found in the stability, it's not as good as in the more expensive cameras, but with a little patience you'll get a good friend of a Tachihara.