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Chad Shindel
27-Sep-2006, 21:52
Hi all,

I'm shooting 8x10 color negative film and would like to be able to make contact prints on my own. So, I'm looking for a small table top RA-4 color print processor that can deliver a dried print in a decent amount of time. I'm not interested in processing prints in a jobo rotary tube or anything of that sort. So my question is are there any really small table top processors that can do this. If so, would you tell me there names so I can look for one. Thank you.

28-Sep-2006, 03:42
Fuji Durst etc used to make stuff like that. Don't know if they still do. You'd need to get the drier add on. The small Fuji is the 31 I think. Durst made a modular unit. Printo?? That you could add various modules so it could handle any process.

I don't know what you mean by decent times but with all these you could stick dry exposed prints in the front and go back to printing. The processed dry print would be spit out in the normal RA-4 times [plus wash and dry]

al olson
28-Sep-2006, 06:19

I use a Do Mac Color Print Processor Model 17 as an adjunct to my Jobo CPP-2 when I want to quickly run off a number of prints. It is a roller processor with a reasonable tabletop footprint.

The processor has two troughs, one for RA-4 developer and the second for the blix. There is no need for a stop step because the precision rollers squeegee the developer before the print enters the blix.

I paid about $1800 to Adorama for mine, but you may be able to order it from the manufacturer for less. For contact try: www.do-mac.com or 1-800-631-5905.

If you have any other questions, I would be happy to try to give you an answer.


Brian Ellis
28-Sep-2006, 17:53
I used the DoMac/Adorama processor that al discusses. It's an excellent processor and at the time I bought mine (about 12 years ago) was by far the least expensive roller transport color processor out there. The only downside I had was that the rubber rollers tended to smudge the print borders if not cleaned about every 10 prints or so. You also had to thoroughly drain and clean the processor after each printing session. Neither was a big deal, just took some time. I don't remember it being a dry-to-dry processor though, I seem to remember that the prints came out wet. Al could confirm or correct me on this, it's been a long time since I used mine.

Cliff Baldwin
15-Mar-2007, 13:32
Hi-I have a Durst rcp40 table top processor that will do up to 16x20.You have to wash t in a tray after it comes out and just air dry it resting on newspaper or buy a drier.It only uses about a gallon of chemistry at a time,and will do 17 16x20 or equivalent 8x10 before discarding.I can quide you thru any problems you may have if interested.204-774-7190 or blackpoocher@hotmail.com