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27-Sep-2006, 11:20
I recently acquired a Rodenstock Imagon 360mm barrel lens complete with diffusion discs. I am in need of a flange so I can mount it to a lens board. If anyone knows/has the size or thread of this particular 360mm barrel lense or were I may find one I would appreciate the information.
Thanks tOny

Christopher Perez
27-Sep-2006, 11:24
I was recently in a very similar situation. Sometimes flanges are difficult to find.

Two possible approaches: 1) call Jim at MidWest photo and see what he might have or 2) cut a thin cross section of PVC pipe, spit the edge, glue a pair of PVC "knobs" around the spilt and drive a hole to thread a screw through. You'll need to find the right diameter PVC, of course. But it's quick and easy, and will hold your optic tight against a lensboard.

Brian Ellis
27-Sep-2006, 18:46
Grimes made a flange for me a few years ago. Relatively expensive but you know it will be a perfect fit.

Ted Harris
27-Sep-2006, 19:50
Bob Salomon will hopefully eventually chime with the complete accurate answer but I believe ti will mount directly in a #3 shutter if you want to do that as opposed to using it in the barrel. You simply unscrew the lens element from the brrel and mount it (assuming it works the same as the 300).

28-Sep-2006, 12:40
The 360mm Imagon was available in a Compound 5 shutter or in barrel. Some time ago I found a 360mm in barrel with the thought of mounting it in a Compound 5, but the lens elements were fastened in the barrel differently from those in the shutter version, and I could not make it work. Perhaps specialized machine work could make it fit?

Christopher Perez
28-Sep-2006, 13:11
... further, all #5 Compound shutters are not created equal. The Imagon I have (already mounted in a #5) will _not_ fit the #5 Compound that my 360 Symmar Convert is mounted in. The diameter of the threaded mount points are different.

Ole Tjugen
28-Sep-2006, 13:41
There were/are two different "tubes" used in the Compound #5 shutters. I had the dimensions of both listed in the "Articles" section of APUG, which is temporarily missing. I'm sure it will be back up soon. In the meantime I can only confirm that they're different.

Ken Schroeder
29-Sep-2006, 02:44
Ole, any local machine shop should be able to make up a threaded flange for you. In fact, a local machinist could customize one for you (make it thicker or braze a couple bumps on it for easy gripping). It's a simple part.

Ole Tjugen
29-Sep-2006, 03:46
first of all I'm not the one having the problem. Second, it's the cell mounting threads which are different. The flange is different too, but as you say that's less of a problem. Third, even the flange has an unusual thread pitch, with 23 1/3 threads per inch. Not every machine shop can make that.

Ken Schroeder
29-Sep-2006, 09:47
Ole, I believe the correct technical term for your thread is a "bastard thread". So much for uniformity. Good luck....you'll need it!

29-Sep-2006, 12:48
Thanks for all the response...
The 360 Imagon I have is in a barrel and will not screw apart for a shutter. Aparently they made 2 versions with shutter/screw apart and with out shutter/barrel
I guess it could be cut and mounted in a shutter but all I need is a way to get it on a lense board. It is a "bastard thread" so I will probably get with S.K. Grimes Services to make a flange for it. Can't wait to take photos with it...8X10 coverage!
Thanks again for all the informatiom...