View Full Version : login expires a bit too quickly...

Matus Kalisky
27-Sep-2006, 05:52

I was not here for couple of days and only today I realised that I have to log in before I can use the search engine (because of an abuse ?). This brings up the problem with login expiry - which I belive is somewhere bellow 30 minutes. Now it becomes - at least for me who from time to time during the day spends a couple of minutes here searching through older posts. It would be nice if one could set in his profile the expiry time for the login - I would prefere to be able to go at least up to 12 hours. Would that be feasible ?

... and now I showed how I work during the day... :-(


27-Sep-2006, 06:40
Hi Matus,

Your name sounds Slovakian to me.;)

27-Sep-2006, 07:44
Do you have cookies enabled on your browser?

I haven't had to log in, in over a month or more...

27-Sep-2006, 08:10

In the process of login if you check box "Remember me" you wouldn't need to login anymore unless your provider would assign completely new IP address.


Matus Kalisky
27-Sep-2006, 08:49
- -

Thanks, yes - you are right - I did not click on "remember me"

- Peter -

Yes - I do come from Slovakia. May I ask where you come from ?