View Full Version : Kalart Rangefinder question

alan dale
9-Feb-2000, 14:03
I have a Crown Graphic 2x3 with side mounted Kalart rangefinder. I have the ins tructions for adjusting the rangefinder to different lenses - I would like to us e it with wider angles. Does anyone know if this rangefinder can be adjusted to accomodate lenses wider than the 101mm mentioned in the text of the original in structions?

Also --- I am looking for a focus scale for wide lenses (65mm?) for he same came ra.


9-Feb-2000, 15:10
Hi Alan, I'm looking for a focus scale for a 150mm lens. Have you tried just going through the adjustment procedure with the 65mm lens? I mean in the adjustment procedure have gone beyound the stops? David

Enrique Andrade
17-Feb-2000, 16:40
Try www.graflex.org They have an article on how to adjust the Kalart viewfinder .