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Vincent Malaud
27-Sep-2006, 04:55

Agentum Camera, a new technical camera manufacturer offers a square double film holder for a very reasonable price... and I would like to try it.

The film holder accepts film with a size of 24x24cm (not 10x10inch). My question is : do you know where can I order such size of films (manufacturer?) in Europe or the States? What is the minimum order quantity in that case? and of course what kind of price?


David A. Goldfarb
27-Sep-2006, 05:13
Try jandcphotography.com. They can do special orders.

Vincent Malaud
27-Sep-2006, 05:57
indeed htey are known for that... I actually wrote them an email but no answer yet... I thought i could find other possibilities (answers) with the forum

27-Sep-2006, 06:21
You might consider cutting down 11x14. I wonder if the 4"x11" could then be cut down into 4x5 sheets. I bet it could. If you shoot both formats then that's not much waste.

27-Sep-2006, 06:22
BTW how much do they charge for film holders?

Vincent Malaud
27-Sep-2006, 06:24
BTW ??

anyway they charge 150EUR without VAT (20%)

Vincent Malaud
27-Sep-2006, 06:29
BTW = by the way i guess... sorry English is not my native language

Ron Marshall
27-Sep-2006, 10:30
J and C should be having another custom onder with Ilford soon:


Oren Grad
27-Sep-2006, 10:35
J and C should be having another custom onder with Ilford soon:

Ron, Ilford will cut only the sizes for which they've created a catalog number and a cutting mask, and even for those, only if the total orders received in a particular size are enough to cover the cost of doing the production run. Vincent would have to be able to convince Ilford that there will be enough call for 24x24cm in the future to make it worth their trouble to set up for another size.

But JandC may be able to get Fortepan cut in non-listed sizes.

David A. Goldfarb
27-Sep-2006, 10:38
J&C is in the middle of expanding their operation, so John posted a note on APUG saying that he won't be able to answer e-mail as quickly as he usually does for the next few weeks or so, but I'm sure he'll get back to you as soon as he is available.

Ole Tjugen
27-Sep-2006, 12:33
You could ask Wephota? Also it's possible that Argentum Camera will know of a supplier of films to fit their holders...

Hugo Zhang
27-Sep-2006, 12:44

I bought a 10x20 camera a few months ago and have had some film holders made to take 9 1/2" (24cm) films which I ordered from Eddy of mrphoto1. It's Kodak Aerographic Plus-X 9 1/2 x 125 feet roll film for $69 per roll. Easy to cut and very cheap. I had to go through what you are going through and bought 5 rolls of this film.


Vincent Malaud
28-Sep-2006, 00:54
THanks for your replies... I will try what you said Ole.

Hugo, could you tell me more of "Kodak Aerographic Plus-X" this sounds very interesting and cost effective :)


28-Sep-2006, 04:09
BTW = by the way i guess... sorry English is not my native language

Confusing: BTW = dutch for VAT (in Belgium) :D

Vincent Malaud
28-Sep-2006, 05:39
inderdaad :)

28-Sep-2006, 05:43
i heard in the pipeline
that photowarehouse.biz
is getting back into the
"cutting film to custom sizes"
business again.

i don't know when, but it might be worth looking into.

Vincent Malaud
28-Sep-2006, 08:01
I have just send them an email.. I will let you know

Hugo Zhang
28-Sep-2006, 08:42

I have just exposed a few negatives and they seemed to be heavily fogged. I checked the package and it has 12/2006 on them. So the film does not have a problem. Then I rechecked my camera and found the bellows connecting to the front stardard got loose. I retape it and will try this weekend. But you can do a google search and find just praises for this film. Quite a few users. Nice thing about it is you only need to cut it once if your holder is 9 1/2". www.mrfoto1.com

Vincent Malaud
29-Sep-2006, 01:28
I would be really interested by your next try... don t forget to post and tell about the film:)

I have a last question... What s the best way to operate a straight and scratch free cut of the film???
Could you explain me how you process?

Thanks for helping

Hugo Zhang
30-Sep-2006, 21:44

I exposed and developed two negatives today and they look wonderful. So you can go ahead to try this film. Eddy will give you all the information you need regarding cutting and developing this film.

The best thing for me is to learn through mistakes. First I used a rotary cutter and a string the length of the film, now I just use a sheet of ruined film and overlay it on top the roll film and use my finger to feel where the top sheet stops and make a cut. Often I have to trim it in the dark. You will get used to it. Some people use a night vision goggle for the job. Not bad idea.

The film is cheap compared with others. You really don't have much to lose.

Good luck!


Vincent Malaud
2-Oct-2006, 04:10
Thanks Hugo

steve simmons
2-Oct-2006, 08:14
Bruce's Field Camera store in NYC is a dealer for Rollei sheet films from Europe. They have a lot of film types and sizes. Contact him.


and Freestyle

See if one of these dealers will be more responsive

steve simmons

Vincent Malaud
3-Oct-2006, 04:37
For those interested in special size film, I got an answer from Bergger, a french film and paper manufacturer.

They will cut the film as the client desires. The minimum order quantity is 50 sheets and the production time needed is 8 weeks.

In my case 50 sheets of 24x24cm film (BPF200) will cost 150.92 EUR without VAT. The shipping cost (France to Netherlands) 12.5 EUR without VAT.
So in total it would be 195.45 EUR with a french VAT at 19.6%. Not bad :)

Hugo Zhang
3-Oct-2006, 07:20

Kodak Aerographic Plus-X 9 1/2 x 125' will cost you $99 per roll and your 195 euro will get you two rolls. That's 315 sheets of 24x24cm films.