View Full Version : Anyone heard of Genius GF4 film?

27-Sep-2006, 04:05
Hi all,

I live in Canada and, on the Henry's site, noticed that they listed a 4x5 film called "Genius GF4 4x5 100sh HC Print Film" for $41.99 CDN. If that's 100 sheets of traditional process b&w, that's a steal if it's coming from Henry's.

Question is, what exactly is it? For example, what does the HC stand for?


27-Sep-2006, 04:54
High contrast. If you go to the Maco website I think they have some info. I wouldn't call it normall B&W. I never got around to using it. Plenty of easier choices in 4x5.

IIRC there are two different versions one seemed like a better choice then the other.

Also Henry's doesn't stock either product. You need to order and wait for it to show up from the distributor. That's the main reason I never got around to it. For similar hassle I could order from J&C or Freestyle in the US and get normal B&W film.

IIRC again -) Freestyle sells the bigger sheets. So you might get some info from thier website to.