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26-Sep-2006, 06:46
Hey All,

Tried to search the forums for this but I got the phonebook back. I'm trying to figure out how to mount my lens (coming soon...360mm Symmar Convertible in Compound #4) onto a lensboard I haven't bought.

First things first, will a lensboard drilled to Copal #3 work, or do I need to have a blank lensboard custom drilled? Then, once I have a lensboard that will work, can I put the lens on the lensboard myself?

I probably sound like an idiot, but I have neither item in hand and I'm trying to figure out whether I need to send the lens back out when I receive it or order the lensboard now.


26-Sep-2006, 07:04
Copal #3 mounting thread is M62x0.75. I believe Compound #4 mounting thread is around M66. So Copal #3 hole will be too small to fit a Compound #4.


26-Sep-2006, 07:09
Correction: Copal #3 needs a lensboard hole of 65mm. It is very close to the mounting thread of a Compound #4. But I still think a Compound #4 will not fit into a lensboard hole for a Copal #3.


Ron Marshall
26-Sep-2006, 07:15
I have no experience with this lens, but if it is like most LF lenses then it is mounted by unscrewing the rear lens element, then the flange fits inside the lensboard hole, and is attached by screwing on a retaining ring that usually comes with the lens. This is easy and simple to do for most lenses.

Good luck!

Here is a link to the front page of this site with a listing of lensboard sizes:


26-Sep-2006, 14:36
Thanks, guys. The lens comes with the flange, so I think I just need a custom drilled board. Have a source; email sent. Much appreciated!


26-Sep-2006, 16:22

Check this link out: