View Full Version : Opinions on 90mm Super Angulon f6.8

Robert Bicknell
25-Sep-2006, 21:12
I'm looking for a 90mm lens for my 4x5 Shen Hao. It will be used mostly for landscape photography with an ocasional light house and will complement my 210mm Symmar-S. Two lenses that seem to fit the requirements at reasonable costs are the Fujinon 90mm SW and the Schneider SuperAngulon f6.8. They don't have quite the coveragre and are not quite as some of the other, but seems to be significantly cheaper. Are there any good reasons to stay away from these lenses??

Kirk Fry
25-Sep-2006, 21:16
Buy the Fujinon, more coverage, newer. Try to find one in a copal shutter. The angulon is fine, I have one that is great, not much coverage.


Robert Bicknell
25-Sep-2006, 21:21
The Super Angulon that I'm thinking about is this one:
it seems to have the same 100 degrees of coverage as the Fujinon SW.

Alan Davenport
26-Sep-2006, 00:47
FWIW, the 90mm f/8 Super Angulon covers 105 degrees with a 235mm image circle, and should be even more affordable...

Carsten Wolff
26-Sep-2006, 01:45
What Alan said: In that case you might consider a 90/8 Nikkor-SW as well... light and great. I've got a Grandagon-N 6.8, nothing wrong with that one either.
Really, they're all the bl**dy same.....
As you said yourself: Go for the cheapest. I didn't even know they made a 6.8 Super.
My light, small non-super 90/6.8 Angulon also works fine on 4x5 for general landscape (smallish image circle, but optically: lovely) (check out Christopher Perez' comparison with the SS80XL....).

Jan Pedersen
26-Sep-2006, 20:19
The 90 f8 Super Angulon is fine, just recently got one in a Syncro Compur. The ground glass is pretty dark though so if you have low light/night photography in mind get one a bit faster than the f8


Jay Wolfe
26-Sep-2006, 20:32
That Super Angulon is a pretty heavy lens at 655 grams and the image circle isn't as large as the older f8.0 90mm Super Angulon which you'll find at a much lower price.

Robert Bicknell
27-Sep-2006, 07:49
After looking at the newer F6.8 Super Angulon a little more, it seems that the main thing this lens has going for is its "classic" looks. It's significantly heavier, has a smaller image circle, and only slightly faster than the older Super Angulons. So I've pretty much written this lens off my list.

Does anyone have any opinions on the older 90mm Fujinon SW's that come in seiko shutters?

Thanks for all the information